Nutrisystem – How Much Will It Cost Me?

Currently one of the most popular weight loss options available, Nutrisystem is the top choice for many people who wish to lose weight the healthier way. Of course, dieting can be a lot easier if you have your meals conveniently pre-packaged and portioned according to your needs. This should stop all those worrying and nitpicking over calorie counts and various other details that dieters obsess over. However, before you sign up for it, it is important to know just how much the program could potentially cost you. To help you get acquainted with the different plans, here is a quick overview.

  1. Basic Plan – This basic plan would provide you with 28 days worth of meals. All of these would be sent to you in one shipment. All of the meals are ready to go and wouldn’t require any sort of refrigeration. The cost for this basic 4 week plan for women is $352.23 and for men, it would be $385.56. Both would include a shipping fee of around $18.00.
  1. Basic Plan with Auto-Delivery – If you sign-up for this version of the basic plan, you would be able to save money because it would provide you with free shipping. Plus, you can also get around 10% off on each order that you make which would eventually go up to15% after you place your third order. Many people choose this option because of the fact that they can get a week of free meals after they place their first two basic 4 week orders. This should cost women about $299.95 and for men, $329.95.
  1. Nutrisystem Select – This would be the gourmet option. Basically, instead of having all your meals shelf-stable, you would be provided with 2 weeks worth of frozen food as well as 2 weeks worth of ready to go meals. Some people prefer this option because of the fact that they like having control over how their meals are cooked. This option will cost $388.94 for women and $418.94 for men. Shipping would cost $18.95.

So there you have it, a quick overview of just how much the Nutrisystem program could potentially cost you.

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