NutriSystem D 101 – Facts about NutriSystem D

NutriSystem D stands for NutriSystem for diabetics. NutriSystem D helps diabetic patients who are suffering from weight loss issues. Losing weight is beneficial in many ways especially if you are diabetic. However, it is truly difficult to balance the calorie intake as well as the consumption of food rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats and blood sugar level. However, NutriSystem D was able to meet the unique dietary needs of diabetics. NutriSystem D was proven helpful and suitable for people or patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. It was able to lower blood sugar level five times more effective compared to standard diets that are typically given out by medical doctors.

Remarkable results were reported among diabetics who have tried NutriSystem D. Back at the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University School of Medicine, a study was conducted to test the efficacy of NutriSystem D. Sixty-eight participants were divided to undergo tests. Half of the diabetic patients were placed under NutriSystem D and other half under the typical hospital based plan. On average, the diabetic patients who followed NutriSystem D program were reported to lose an average of 18 pounds in three months time while the hospital-based patients only lost approximately one pound in three months time.

NutriSystem at first was known to provide pre-packed meals for health conscious people. However, it has already extended its product innovation to people who have diabetes. This innovation proves that NutriSystem is trying to cater to each type of individual as much as possible. The basic rule of NutriSystem is to alter food to make it more nutritious and delicious for everyone to enjoy.

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