NutriSystem Silver – Advantages and Disadvantages

NutriSystem Silver is mean for men and women over sixty-five years old who want to lose weight. This diet plan is specially designed to meet the diet requirements of seniors while providing assistance for weight loss.

There are certain kinds of food provided by the NutriSystem Silver. Basically, this special diet program works the same way as other NutriSystem meal plans. It is based on getting up to twenty-eight days of adequate amount of food to eat 5 times everyday. The best thing about this meal plan is that it provides more than one hundred forty food items, most are actually appealing and decent tasting.

For instance, you can choose your breakfast with cinnamon roll, banana nut muffin, oatmeal or cereal. For lunch, you may want to include chicken or tuna salad, rice and black beans, tortellini and pasta and different kinds of soups. When it comes to snacks, you have a wide range of food choices such as barbeque chips, pretzels, nachos, protein bars and cheese puffs. For dinner – tacos, pizza, ravioli, beef stir fry, sloppy joes, lasagna, mac and cheese and barbeque wraps and for desserts you can have strawberry shortcake, chocolate bars, cookies, brownies or carrot cake.

The food items provided in the diet plan are all low in calories, which is important in weight loss. Additionally, the foods included in the NutriSystem diet plan are high in fiber and protein and at low in carbohydrates and sugar. However, NutriSystem Silver does not provide a specific exercise routine. While this diet plan is ideal for senior citizens who want to lose weight, it is not recommended for everybody. This is simply because all the meals are pre-prepared, which may not be suitable for everyone and there are no other supplements included to control hunger.

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