The Pros and Cons of NutriSystem Select

NutriSystem Select is another meal-delivery plan that features pre-prepared meals that have 3 weeks shelf-stable meals and 1 week of frozen meals that are shipped to dieters’ doorsteps every month.

Just the same as other NutriSystem programs, you can select from their different diet programs such as men’s, women’s, men’s silver and men’s silver meal packages and choose to either modify your own regular meals and snacks or order from the pre-prepared packages.

Your first delivery contains 3 weeks of diet meals and desserts, bonus 1 week of packaged menu items and a Result Kit together with a meal planner that summarizes how the diet plan works. This will make it easier for you to understand the kinds of food to eat and when they should be eaten and guide you in choosing the supplemental food to complete your healthy diet.


  1. Many dieters experience success with the program.
  2. Their frozen meal plans provide more variety to the conventional NutriSystem diet meals.
  3. Convenient and easy method to eat healthy.
  4. Provides a comprehensive outline of exercise and diet plan.
  5. Aside from weight loss, it promotes fitness.


  1. The plan does not demonstrate the right ways to prepare healthy meals on your own.
  2. It may not be an economically long-term answer to eating healthy.

The NutriSystem Select meal program includes one hundred seventy meals with twenty-four fresh-frozen meals. On this specific program, you should eat 3 meals and 1 snack everyday. Once you decide to undergo this diet program, it is essential to take the necessary steps and learn more about eating healthy.

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