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NutriSystem for Type 2 Diabetics: It Doesn't Get Any Easier

With NutriSystem | D for diabetics, you enjoy the foods you love and long for while losing weight. Not only you lose weight with NutriSystem D, you can control your diabetes with a combination of proper nutrition and great food. Benefits of NutriSystem for Diabetics:

  • Lost up to 16x more weight
  • Lowered blood sugar levels 5x more
  • Lowered A1C by 0.9%
  • Lowered total cholesterol level by 20.0mg
  • Lowered triglycerides level by 42.7 mg

With NutriSystem D, you get 28 days of restaurant-style cuisine including breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. Now you can get the foods delivered right to your door steps for FREE. Click Here for more details

NutriSystem Food and Weight Loss Plan for Type 2 Diabetics

Weight-loss programs are just too difficult to follow for those women who have diabetes, especially if it's the type 2 condition of this disease. Those women afflicted with this malady, therefore, would be happy to know that pre-packaged diet meals of Nutrisystem for type 2 diabetes patients are now available for the easy taking. These diabetes sufferers can take comfort from the fact that these meals are clinically tested and will help them lower their weight as well as contribute to the reduction of the blood sugar level and aid in controlling their illness.

The meal program is specifically called Nutrisystem D, and includes a 28-day supply of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, all prepared in restaurant-style menu offerings. There are also weight-loss coaches who will provide free and round-the-clock access advice if needed. Customers are also granted free online membership to the Nutrisystem online menu planning tools.

The effectiveness of the meals of Nutrisystem for type 2 diabetes sufferers has been confirmed by a study done at the Temple University School of Medicine. According to this three-month research, those diabetes patients who went with the Nutrisystem D diet lost 16 times more weight. They also lowered the levels of their blood sugar five times more, cholesterol level by 225 mg and triglycerides by 44.7 mg.

The major reason for the effectiveness of the Nutrisystem meals for diabetics is that the designed diet is essentially low-glycemic and employs only the good carbohydrates. This was confirmed by an article in the Journal of American Medical Association which asserted that this diet is better than a high-cereal diet.

The diet of Nutrisystem for type 2 diabetes patients is not an exercise in deprivation. For example, a breakfast can include a delicious serving of cinnamon swirl granola bar that could even be taken while on the go. Lunch can be a fabulous offering of black beans and rice, showing that diabetics too can enjoy a good meal.